Multi Carrier Management

carrierStarSHIP is a complete Carrier management solution including Carrier invoice reconciliation.

Your customers continue to demand service options and levels that cater to their ever-changing needs. You use a variety of carriers and partners for international and national distribution of pallets and parcels. Decisions are taken manually regarding the choice of carrier for shipments based usually on price and transit times. Orion StarSHIP automates this process providing the basis for consistent evidential decision-making. Your carrier’s delivery services and rate charges are simply loaded into StarSHIP and your business rules applied. Driven by your business rules and priorities StarSHIP will automatically select the right carrier for each shipment, there is provision for authorised manual over-ride.

StarSHIP manages the seamless flow of relevant data between the various systems. Your despatch instructions are automatically passed to the relevant carrier and, compliant shipment labels are seamlessly produced. The handover and/or vehicle loading processes are event managed along with real-time status reporting.

Track and trace updates are collected automatically from the carriers and your exception reporting and escalation process applied. Exception reports are maintained and are be used for carrier performance monitoring and service level compliance analysis.

Carrier Invoice reconciliation

StarSHIP automatically interrogates all electronic invoices reconciling each transaction in accordance with the agreed pricing matrix and service level agreement so ensuring that discrepancies are immediately identified.

  • Effective carrier invoice management
  • Integrate multiple carriers easily
  • Harness each carries core competencies
  • Switch between carriers at will
  • Despatch from anywhere, deliver to anywhere and monitor status updates from anywhere
  • Ship direct from suppliers using your nominated carrier or the suppliers