Planning and Collaboration

planningThe increasing cost of transport and the continued demands for improved and more flexible services coupled with environmental concerns requires radical thinking and innovative solutions. Logisticians now recognise collaboration as a ‘Smart’ and essential ingredient in the solution mix.

StarBURST is an application that facilitates a collaborative approach to logistics enabling organisations to work together for mutual operational and environmental benefit. This may be a casual adhoc requirement or a more planned and managed relationship. In either case, you can create interoperable, multi-enterprise business processes that support all parties in seamlessly working together on a sustainable basis.

The process of collaboration starts with planning and StarBURST’s planning tools can quickly identify cooperative opportunities and suggest collaborative means. The powerful optimization algorithms enable the modelling of the ‘What is the effect of’ scenarios that provide the basis for an evidence led approach.

The consolidation of deliveries reduces costs to the transport provider and to the recipient. The cost and inefficiencies of not consolidating are rapidly becoming unsustainable. StarBURST provides the platform for organisations working together to achieve both environmental and cost savings by consolidating deliveries that are destined for the same or nearby locations. Deliveries into Shopping Centres, City Centres, Distribution centres that are less than truck loads (LTL) can be considered for consolidation and delivered together.

  • Reduce Empty running
  • Reduce Transport costs
  • Improve service
  • Benefit from sustainable networks