Driver and Mobile Worker Management

drivertopStarDRIVE is an intelligent and dynamic solution that seamlessly ties together the despatch process and/or task assignment with mobile workers. It provides effective management of scheduling and allocation, vehicle loading and task completion processes with real-time event management and POD reporting.

Accessed via a browser StarDRIVE is independent of any particular hardware manufacturer – any web enabled hardware that can access a browser. The mobile device can be chosen from the range of web enabled Smart phones, Tablets or dedicated handheld terminals. This comprehensive module can be tailored to meet your precise needs therefore provides a host of exciting opportunities and a fast return on investment.

Despatch Management

StarDRIVE can dynamically schedule and route your deliveries and tasks that are performed by your own staff as well as manage the handover to Carriers/partners.

Delivery and Collection Management

StarDRIVE provides the vehicle load schedule, the delivery manifest/job sheet and routing, these are accessed via any web-enabled device. The Job status, exceptions, and changes are reported in real time.

drivertbotMobile Workforce Management

StarDRIVE can allocate jobs/tasks based on your business rules and ensure the required parts, tools or stock is correctly issued to the correct staff at the correct locations. The entire process from job allocation to closure benefits from real-time status reporting and exception management.

  • Task Management
    implements and supports your business rules as specified – Deliveries, Collections, Service Calls,
  • Job scheduling,
    allocation and routing as defined with regards to the available resources, Skill sets, locations
  • Stock Allocation
    ensures drivers, Field staff  have the requisite stock, tools, consignments
  • Time & Attendance
    manages start and finish of jobs
  • Access Job history
    staff can have access to history of call/job whilst in the field
  • Barcodes & RFID
    tags, provides Track and Trace in accordance with your business rules
  • GPS
    provides location and mapping information
  • Web Browser
    StarDRIVE is accessed via a standard web browser therefore is available on any web enabled device
  • Signature capture
    real time electronic signatures and reporting
  • Easy Integration
    StarDRIVE integrates easily with many existing backend solutions providing a 2 flow of real time data

Optimise the following operations with StarDRIVE:

  • Vehicle loading
  • Mobile working Job status reporting
  • Pickup and delivery management
  • Vehicle location and movements,
  • Depot operations

StarDRIVE is available as a complete kit, which includes the Back office application, the mobile application and optional mobile devices.