Financial Management

financialAccurate and up-to-date information on the true cost of providing particular services to particular customers can be a complicated and time-consuming task. This is often due to insufficient and inaccurate data. It is very simple to identify a customer’s gross revenue but to calculate accurately the costs associated with servicing each customer is usually cumbersome and very often reveals surprises.

Orion StarACT is a Cost and revenue analysis and invoicing application that enables the allocation of costs accurately to the relevant cost centres throughout each stage of the operational process. Revenue can be similarly allocated thereby providing a precise operational cost/profit analysis report down to the level of each transaction.

The power of StarACT is illustrated in the following example of a distribution company with a network of depots and a variety of customers and wishes to ascertain an accurate understanding of its operational costs:


Simply load current operational data such as vehicle details, customer details and traffic profiles, prices etc and it is then possible to run Analysis reports that are calculated down to the transaction level.

The report can be run for any given:

  • Period
  • Customer
  • Depot
  • Vehicle
  • Transaction

And can report on:

  • Number of Transactions
  • Number of Pallets/Packets
  • Number of items per transaction
  • Cost per Transaction
  • Revenue per Transaction
  • Cost per Pallet
  • Revenue/Pallet
  • Margin per Transaction
  • Total Handling Costs
  • Total Transport Costs
  • Total Distance

Reports will show the cost of servicing particular customers, which services are more/less profitable etc. You choose which report and how it is to be presented. Reports can be exported into spreadsheets for further work.


StarACT features advanced administration and invoicing functionality capable of managing the most complex customer, partner or sub contractor pricing models.

It calculates invoices and exports totals to your account package from which you manage the ledgers.