Service Parts and Field Service Management

service-partsStarTECH is a scalable, global web based Service management solution comprising a subset of two modules – Parts inventory including distribution and Field Service calls management. They are each available as standalone modules or combined to provide the total solution.

StarPART – Parts Management

Efficient Parts Management is essential for the provision of successful Planned and Corrective Service Maintenance.

Orion StarPART is a complete Service Parts Inventory (SPI) management system designed specifically for the sector. Being a global solution, it provides real time visibility and event management of SPI across your entire enterprise and your partner/contractor locations. Real time information on the exact location, quantity and status of service parts held in own warehouses, Forward Stock Locations (FSLs), Third Party Pick Up and Drop Off locations (PUDOs), Third Party Repair centres, Third Party Logistics sites (3PLs), Customer sites, Engineer van stock or in transit.

Successful and profitable service provision requires the right parts to be available in the right quantities, in the right places at the right times for the right service personnel. StarPART ties all theses critical elements together to provide successful outcomes. Your customers demand nothing less in return for their loyalty.

Features include:

  • Parts master file management
  • Stock Migration
  • Inventory management across all locations
  • Vendor Managed Inventory
  • Item Tracking
  • Automatic Replenishment
  • Returns Processing
  • Repair Management
  • Back Order Processing
  • Purchase Order Processing

StarPART allows you to set optimal levels of service parts in the required locations and maintains that level through the automatic replenishment process.

StarFIELD the solution for field based staff

Service calls are allocated to field staff according to your business rules taking into consideration the skill sets of individual members of staff, locations, van stock, shift/hours etc. A Manual override facility is available for authorised staff members.

Orion StarFIELD manages real time:

  • Job bookings
  • Planned inspections
  • Allocation based on resource planning
  • Selection of the right part from the most appropriate location
  • The method of delivery / collection
  • Job management and closure
  • Invoicing
  • KPIs and full reporting

StarTECH the combined Parts and Call management solution

Parts can be dispatched Overnight or Sameday from central stores to the field based engineers, Customer’s premises, or to local Pick up and Drop off Points (PUDO) for collection. A pick and mix approach will enable you to satisfy the varying needs of your different customers and fulfil the most demanding Service Level Agreements (SLA). Staff/Contractors and Customers have access to real time tracking and status reporting.

Full visibility and control across multiple locations including 3rd party facilities, Forward Stock Locations (FSLs), Intelligent Boxes, Pick UP and Drop Off (PUDO) locations, Van stocks and Customer held stock.

Faulty parts can be automatically returned to the relevant repair centre directly from the field and once repaired they can be directly reallocated to field service. Parts are tracked at each stage of the handling process and their status reported in real time. Exceptions (errors) are automatically logged and trigger your agreed escalation process. You are therefore able to intervene at an early stage to avoid causing SLA non-compliance and/or service failures.

Fully manage the end-to-end process of Call receipt and assignment, Parts logistics, Job management, Parts return and Replenishment with full audit and visibility.