Warehouse Management

cropped-warehouse2A scalable and flexible state of the art Warehouse Management System (WMS) that can transform a warehouse from operating just as a large stock keeping unit into a dynamic facility that is integral and crucial to your robust and fast response supply chain. High throughput, high productivity and accuracy delivers reduced order-processing costs, higher fulfilment levels and higher customer satisfaction. Consistently out perform competitors on lead times, costs and quality with the aid of StarPICK.

Orion StarPICK is a feature rich modular solution that exploits the latest technologies and processes delivering maximum operational efficiency. StarPICK gives you effective visibility and management of inventory beyond the confines of the four walls of your own warehouse. Real time visibility of the status of inventory across the ‘Extended warehouse.’ A single view of stock in satellite/partner/supplier warehouses as well as in transit provides the total picture. This holistic and dynamic approach can dramatically reduce operational costs and significantly improve order fulfillment.

The scalability and leading edge functionality of StarPICK enables you to view all inventory or the status of individual items across a single or multiple facilities, across time zones and configurations. View stock on hand in any or all locations, stock in transit, stock being returned or stock despatched. Utilising the range of mobile network communications StarPICK ensures the traceable and efficient movement of goods combined with seamless real time flow of data.

  • Flexible receipt and dispatch
  • Auto and/or manual putaway
  • Pallet or Item logging
  • Batch and serial number numbering
  • Stock rotation FIFO,  BBE,  LIFO
  • Wireless order picking
  • Order or wave picking
  • Carrier labelling and documentation
  • Real time replenishment management
  • Multiple Stock take/Audit options