Third party logistics (3PL)

This client is a renowned international provider of technical and general logistics services to major multinationals. They are an essential supplier to their customers providing a menu of services that includes Supply Chain management, Warehousing and Distribution and specialist time and mission critical services. Due to the significant nature of much of their work, their clients consistently demand fulfillment rates of 100% in accordance with strict Service Level Agreements (SLA).  Their clients also require real-time status reporting across time zones reported in local times and/or an aggregated report all transactions.

We were asked to implement an integrated solution that would enable them to meet their existing customer’s expectations, respond rapidly to change and attract new business through value added services and innovation.

Their existing customers

The depth of our industry knowledge both technical and practical enabled us to appreciate fully their existing operational processes and the supporting systems. We jointly set about identifying whatever opportunities existed to tie together more closely, functions, processes, management and reporting. This exercise highlighted areas of productivity gains and service improvements and that they would be further enhanced with the implementation of state of the art technologies. The exercise also clearly indicated how certain new services could be simply and cost effectively developed and rolled out for existing customers.

A specification detailing the products and operational processes that would deliver improved services to existing customers and the new services to both existing and new customers was jointly produced. The client was in very advanced discussions with a major potential customer and had reached agreement subject to the rapid and successful implementation of the new services.

Within 4 months, we had successfully implemented the system and 100 locations were live and operational. This enabled our client to conclude the agreement for the multi-million Pound new account and to offer new services to existing customers. They are a remarkable success story and we are proud of the part we have and continue to play.  Modules implemented – Orion StarTech, StarPICK, StarDrive planning tools and integration gateways.



Manage the fulfilment of thousands of transactions per day across time zones and languages within strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs) Real-time visibility and transaction status reporting with various Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems


Implemented Orion StarTECH, StarPICK, StarDRIVE, Planning tools and integration gateways

Business Value

Developed industry leading value proposition based on consistent quality

Fast implementation of smart solutions drove productivity gains

Fast Return On Investment (ROI) awarded multi-million pound contract on the basis of successful implementation